Home Cinema

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Enjoy your movie, TV show or sports event on the big screen, in your own home. High definition picture and acoustic design of the room contribute to a result that many comercial cinemas do not reach.

Dark Side of the Room handles your project from the drawing of the room to the grand premiere.

With acute room and speakers acoustics skills, THX and ISF certifications, we will bring the best sound and picture, building on a 20 years experience.

We are different because :

We have in-house knowledge of all the aspects of home cinema design and building : acoustics, geometry and layout, video projection, image calibration, immersive sound systems. We have the tooms to fine-tune your home cinema to standards (audio generators, analysis gear and software, video probes ; and – most of all – years of experience across dozens of cinemas.

We don’t subcontract any tech part, neither in the design nor in the programming. We participate in all and every step of the calibration process. We have developped strong partnerships with the brands, but we don’t ask them to design, quote or commision our home cinema rooms. Devil is in the detail, and we will maintain and keep your own cinema up to date for the years to come.

Our team handles your home cinema from its design to the delivery.