Security system and access control

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When security is a concern, it takes more than a burglar detection system to make your house a safe place. Today’s security systems can be remotely monitored, either if you want to check the alarm system is armed or when you receive the notification of an unexpected event.

You can peek at your security cameras to check who’s home or if the gate is closed. But you certainly don’t want anyone else to be able to peep. You want to be notified when your kids get home after school, but you also want to know that they’re safe from cyber criminals – or from local villains.

Your door-entry system should keep track of everybody who rang the bell, and let you ask the delivery guy to let his parcel by the door when you’re at the office. You’re by the pool ? The door-entry system will notify your phone when your friends are at the door.

If you want to grant access to the gardener, the maid or the piano teacher, they can use their phone or their own pin code to get into your property. You’ll keep track of the time they showed, and when the new maid arrives, the previous one’s codes will be disabled.

Last, but not least, should an unwanted visitor manage to enter your house, the home automation will turn the lights on, blink the garden lights to draw attention and get him out as soon as possible.